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Blog Title: How do you know that your thermostat is faulty?

Main Que: How do you know that your thermostat is faulty?

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  • Query By: Ben Young (Plano, TX)
  • Date: 08/07/2016

Answer: If you air conditioner is not cooling properly even when the temperature is set at an optimal level, then tis could be due to the defective thermostat. But you should check other parameter before confirming that inadequate cooling is due to the faulty thermostat. A few common issues that stop a thermostat from functioning are - tripped circuit breakers, blown fuses, dirt build-up, and loose wiring. However these issues can be resolved. In such cases it has worn down with age, it should be replaced. The battery of thermostat requires to be changed when it runs out.

  • Replied By: Answered H. Long (Jersey City, NJ)
  • Replied Date: 08/09/2016